Landscape Designers in Sydney: Strictly Applying Landscaping Principles in their Landscape Designs

Sydney is among the most cities in Australia and thanks to its beautiful gardens and landscapes.  These beautiful gardens and landscapes in Sydney are products of the creative and skillful talents of landscape designers in Sydney and are the creators of Sydney’s famous and most beautiful landscapes in public parks and private residential areas. These landscapers are strictly following these designing principles in creating beautiful, functional, and practical landscapes in Sydney.


Simple design landscapes are always well-defined, clean, neat, and uncluttered. These landscapes are easy to maintain and only include features and structures that are needed. Plants are limited as well as in sizes and in form. Garden designers‘ main purpose is creating visual interest and simple functionality.


Landscapers used variety to achieve cohesive and unified garden designs. Sydney landscapers use combinations of plant varieties to add colors and texture while not losing the purpose of creating beautiful visuals. Variety in materials and forms are also incorporated in the design to create diversity and while delivering functionality.


Landscape designers in Sydney ensure that everything is placed in design carries un-opposing weights but mirroring each other or of equal weights. This is called symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. Structures and objects used always have a sense of equality while delivering functionality and creating visual interests.


Colors in designs are to give designs the dimension of real-life and landscapers use colors to project real-life scenarios and feelings. They incorporate colors such as conveying moods and emotions as well as the desired visual or illusionary effects. It is also through colors that landscape designers are able to create desired perspectives.

Contrast and harmony

In highlighting certain elements such as the pool or the pond, landscape designers apply contrast and harmony principle. Contrast and harmony are also used to draw away attention from a certain element such as the flat corner or walls. Contrasting elements are placed next to each other to draw away viewers’ attention while using complementing objects side by side to achieve harmony.

Sydney’s famous landmarks, parks, and gardens are always considered gems in landscaping world. These landscapes and gardens have been attributed with countless awards and recognitions from landscaping bodies not only in Australia but around the world. Many landscaper designers in Sydney are recipients of prestigious landscaping awards not only because their designs are visually appealing but most of all embody all the principles in landscaping designing thus creating landscapes that are visually appealing, functional, practical, and enduring.


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