About Me

We all grew up with a kid’s show or icon that stuck with us like super glue while we were growing up. When we were young, we would wait excitedly for our favorite character to once again go up on the television and if they finally do come, we’d smile from ear to ear as they try to make us laugh our guts out.

Like adults from many generations, I grew up with the Muppets. I love these lovable characters and I would spend hours waiting for them to go on-air again. Kermit the Frog, The Swedish Chef, Gonzo, Rowlf the Dog; there’s just so many characters to mention. Out of all of them, the Muppet that stands out the most is none other than Miss Piggy.

My name is Stephanie Monroe and obviously, I’m a huge fan of Miss Piggy. There is a reason why this Muppet ranked as TV Guide’s 23rd best TV character back in 1996. Throughout the years, Miss Piggy has made generation upon generation laugh with her lovable humor and although the character has evolved each year, the fact still remains that more generations to come will love her.

Miss Piggy has been around since 1996 and we’ve seen her appear in so many shows and movies aside from just her stint at The Muppet Show. Thanks to her funny antics and lovable persona, it’s hard to get over Miss Piggy and our desire to see more and more from her will go on. With a career that progressively goes up, Miss Piggy is here to stay.

This website is made for The Muppets; most especially Miss Piggy. It is an appreciation of what she has contributed to pop culture and it will also serve as a “thank you” note for the years upon years she has entertained us and made us laugh. Let’s not forget her co-stars in The Muppets, as well, as they’ve played a part in Miss Piggy’s colorful career.

Expect tons of testimonies and stories about Miss Piggy from her fans around the world. It is going to be fun hearing just how far Miss Piggy’s influence has come.

That all being said, enjoy your visit to this humble website and community. Maybe with enough support, we will end up being a huge virtual community. Let us all thank the Muppets for our fun childhood afternoons and let us all not forget the laughs and joy they have brought to us through the decades.