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The Muppets Miss Piggy Fan Club
Barb's Story


Read our fan club member, Barb's, Miss Piggy story.

In 1980, you may remember, Miss Piggy ran for President. (She lost, but it was close.) At the time, my family didn't have a television (by choice). Consequently, I had never seen Miss Piggy, nor any of the other Muppets, for that matter. I had no idea who she was but I was quite curious.

One day that summer I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting for my appointment. There was a woman's magazine with an interview of Miss Piggy in it. I picked up the magazine and read the interview. I was hooked. This pig had personality. What a girl! Some time after that we got a television and I was able to really get to know her.

Then in 1986 or so, my church was having its annual talent show. The year before, I had been part of a hilarious skit. I'm really a shy person and no one could believe it was actually me up there. I was kind of on a roll. But the next year, no one who had been in the skit was interested in doing anything. I really wanted to do something. I thought and thought but came up with nothing.

One day, my kids, who were around 9 and 6 then, put on The Muppet Album. Miss Piggy is on it singing, “What Now, My Love?” I thought, “That's it!” And my Miss Piggy impersonation was born.


The way everything came together for the costume and musical accompaniment was amazing. A very talented musician in my church listened to the album and wrote out the music to go with the song. He accompanied me for the performance, then made a tape of it so I could use it afterwards.

I found a plum colored dress at the Salvation Army for $1.69. The shoes came from another thrift store and cost $2.00. A friend actually found elbow-length pink gloves at her church's rummage sale for 25 cents! Another friend gave me a curly, long, blond wig that she used to wear.

I had some 3” wide satin ribbon that my mother fashioned into a sash with a huge rose. She also used it to make the pig ears and bows for the shoes.

Add to that a beaded necklace, bracelet and ring and voilà!
[That's French.  :@) ]

Here is a video of my Miss Piggy impression, if you haven't already watched it on the Home page. You'll love it.



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