Stacy Peden, a big Miss Piggy fan, tells us her story.There is no one on the planet to compare with moi. - Miss Piggy
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Stacy Peden's Miss Piggy Story


Only Miss Piggy would
rock climb in heels!
Stacy Peden's Miss Piggy Story

I have always been a huge fan of Miss Piggy....when I was 7 years old my parents bought me my first real watch that had Miss Piggy on the face...It had a pink band...simply the best birthday present I had ever had...A few days after receiving the watch I was asked if I wanted to ride a horse...I was ecstatic and said that I would LOVE to ride a horse...Just as the horse began to walk, the blanket that I was riding slid off and I fell arm first into a tree (the roots). I picked my arm up to examine my watch to be sure it was not scratched or broken...When I held my arm out, my mom almost had a fit to see that my wrist was dislocated and that by arm was broken...I was ONLY worried about if my watch was damaged! 

Back around the first of this year I was feeling sorry for myself and went shopping for something to curb my attitude...I went to a local store here in Jackson Mississippi and went straight for the shoes...Shoes always make me feel better!!!! This particular day I saw a cute pair of PINK Adidas tennis shoes...They were on the rack that said it held my size...I picked them up to examine them and low and behold what did I see...Miss Piggy staring back at me!!!!! I found MY PERFECT PAIR OF TENNIS SHOES!!!! They are PINK, THEY ARE MY SIZE, THEY HAVE MISS PIGGY ON THE SIDE AND BEST OF ALL...When I got to the register to pay for them, because no matter how much they cost they would be MINE...The lady took them from me, scanned them and the price...are you ready for this??? $3.50....Someone was looking and smiling down and me today! $3.50 for MY PERFECT PAIR OF SHOES!!!! I was so happy!!!! And today I wear those shoes every Friday with my Pink Floyd Pigs on a Wing Tour shirt!!!! I love it and I Love MISS PIGGY!!!!!!

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